A realistic Axis and Allies map, and what you can do with it

In the first few months of 2002, I finally got fed up with just how inaccurate the old Axis and Allies board was and decided to come up with a more realistic version.

This map is what I eventually created.

The map is based on the map of the world in 1929, which can be found in Shepherd's Historical Atlas. The new board includes oil values for each territory (also based on the same map), and has six minor independent powers: France, China, Italy, Canada, Australia and Benelux.

I owe the inspiration for extra minor powers to Xeno Games' World at War expansion for Axis and Allies, as well as Drax's house rules for World at War, which may be found on Thrasher's excellent Axis and Allies site.

I'm not familiar with any other house rules which incorporate oil as an economic resource, but I would hesitate to say that I am to first to have done so. The set of house rules that I use while playing games on the new map draw heavily from the World at War expansion and the many house rules for Axis and Allies which may be found on the internet. In my experience, this particular set of rules works okay with or without including oil.

If you do play a game with either these rules or the new map, please let me know how it goes--especially if you have any suggestions for improvement.
You can either have Kinko's print out the map for you on a single sheet of paper, or do it yourself on a series of letter-sized sheets. (In which case I'd recommend making the map something like 6 x 4 sheets of paper. It has to be fairly big in order to deal with the (intentional) lack of blow-up boxes.)

Here's an index of pre-cut letter-sized sheets, for printing purposes (in word format):


I should also point out that there's also a nifty collection of alternative Axis and Allies maps at http://www.geocities.com/aristotle334/Map_Room.html.

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